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Set-top Box Application -TIMs

 Set-top Box Application

- Pads applied between PCB and housing to                                               -Application scene: Heat Source (Chips) and Heatsink (Casing)
                                                                                                                      -Applied material: soft and high thermal conductive pads

transfer heat out of ICs to ambient temperature

We live in an era of seemingly endless advances in electronics technologies that drive how we work and play. We use increasingly powerful chips and we can meet thedemand for thermal management solutions that prevent heat build-up, enabling devices to stay cool, perform better and last longer.

Shenzhen Aochuan Technology Co.,Ltd established in 2004, is a world leading Chinese developer and manufacturer of Thermally Conductive Interface Materials(TIMs) products. AOK especially in Thermal Grease, Thermal Pads, Thermal Tapes ...