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Thermal Gap Filler provides 1.1W/mK of thermal conductivity

This Thermal Gap Filler provides 1.1W/mK of thermal conductivity that can conform to most surfaces. It’s perfect for high-value products that you need to keep cool, as it is a poor conductor of electricity while remaining a great conductor of heat! No additional adhesive is required when applying the Thermal Gap Filler, as it is naturally tacky and sticks to whatever you need it to — just be sure that’s where you need it!

Increasing the power density along with extended life-time expectation is an omnipresent demand in inverter designs. While chip manufacturers strive to increase the current carrying capabilities of silicon, inverter designers try to reduce the physical volume of the drive. Reduction of the heatsink‟s volume in combination with increased local power densities leads to higher demands on the thermal interface connecting power electronic components to the heat sink. This gap filler is both electrically insulating and stable from -40°C to 160°C and meets UL 94 VO rating.



Silicone-based thermal interface material that contains a high percentage of thermally conductive fillers.

Exhibit outstanding thermal performance and stability when filling the gap between the heat-generating device and its corresponding heatsink. Designed to dissipate heat and provide electrical insulation for power transistors, power modules, CPU’s, GPU’s, NorthBridge and other electrical components. Available in several different thicknesses, and various hardnesses, allowing the materials to be used in applications where the two mating surfaces of the assembly are either irregular or non-coplanar.