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Thermal Compounds/Greases

 Alternatively referred to as heat dope, heat sink jelly, heat sink paste, heat sink compound, thermal gunk, and silicon compound, thermal compounds is a sticky paste that is placed directly onto the CPU, allowing for a more direct heat transfer between it and the heat sink. It also prevents air gaps from forming between the CPU and heat sink. The advantage of using a liquid dispensable Gap Filler is the ability to apply the material to very specific areas and at varying thicknesses, thus offering commercial and technical advantages.

Our Thermal Greases provide high thermal conductivities, minimum bondline thicknesses and superior surface wetting. This compound is an inexpensive solution and can be found at any local Radio Shack or computer repair center. The picture shows an Arctic Silver thermal compound dispenser and an older CPU with thermal compound.


Do I need thermal compound for my CPU?

Yes. As mentioned above the thermal compound (along with your computer's fans) is what helps direct heat away from the CPU. Without this compound, your CPU may overheat, possibly causing multiple problems.

How do I clean thermal compound from the CPU and Heatsink?

To remove thermal compound, simply apply a small amount of high percentage isopropyl alcohol to a paper towel and rub gently. Some OEM computer manufacturers use graphite or thermal pads instead of compound. If you're changing heatsinks or overclocking your PC and need to apply a new layer of thermal compound make, sure to remove this pad first.

How do I apply or reapply thermal compound to the CPU?

To apply the thermal compound, spread a very thin layer onto the CPU using a flat tool such as a postcard, a piece of paper or plastic, credit card, etc.

Tip: Remember less is more when applying thermal compound to the CPU.

Warning: Do NOT user your bare fingers to apply the compound as they contain oils and other substances that can cause issues. If you do need to use your finger, cover it with plastic or use a glove.

Aokthermal.com is also able to supply custom built thermal pad to integrate with your specific design requirements and needs. Click here to contact us to discuss this now.