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The Insulator Offers The Best Thermal Conductivity for Heat Sinks and Thermal Management Application

Today we are kicking off a two part series on thermal conductivity and how to use this property to choose a thermal insulators. Thermal conductivity is important since it can help you make the best choice of material for a thermal interface materials. Thermal Pad are often the default choices but are there are other choices of thermal interface materals for heat transfer.

As a truly global provider of subcontract thermal interface materials, AOK is able to offer a significant advantage to its customers. Through an international network of plants, AOK utilises a wealth of knowledge, experience and specialist expertise to deliver quality service when and where it’s needed.


 AOK recognises the diversity in its client base, and also how demands and priorities in these sectors differ. The business structure has been aligned to markets to more closely service these needs. AOK serves the aerospace defence and energy markets' global demands through coordinated facilities attuned to their specific needs. Automotive and general industrial clients are serviced with a focus on locality, convenience and flexibility.


AOK is dedicated to the development, manufacture and marketing of high-performance thermal interface materials with rapid sampling, flexible production methodologies and high technical support to our customers. We have significant experience in the thermal interface materials management arena and look forward to working with our customers, wherever they are in the world, and however demanding their needs are. 

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