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SinoGuide Thermal thermal materials


SinoGuide Thermal thermal materials deliver engineers and designers the most dimensional tolerance by conforming to surface irregularities and replacing air with a much higher thermal conductivity interface material; increasing the heat transfer and allowing the component to run cooler. Extreme compliancy reduces component stress while higher thermal conductivity provides thermal performance required for next generation designs that continue to pack more power into smaller spaces. The thermal materials like thermal pad for SinoGuide Thermal is used in many applications such as notebook computers, mass storage devices, and audio and video components.

The full thermal gap pad product offering encompasses the TCP, TCI, and TCK lines that provide exceptional combination of high thermal conductivity and compliancy that generate unmatched thermal resistances in a interface material.

General attributes include highly conformable gap fillers designed to provide excellent thermal performance while remaining cost-effective. The soft pads conform well with minimal pressure, resulting in little or no stress on mating parts. Naturally tacky and requiring no adhesive coating to inhibit thermal performance, they are very soft and free standing that are more conformable than most gap fillers.

Thermal pads are future generation compliant cooling materials. SinoGuide thermal pads can also be used in LED industry, blow show the application in Led Light.

AOK Thermal Material application in LED

SinoGuide TCP300 is a high performance, soft ceramic-filled silicone elastomer typically supplied with a polymer release liner on both sides. The natural tackiness on both sides of the material removes any need for thermally inhibiting adhesive layers. SinoGuide thermal material mfg, thermal pad mfg become a leader in providing traditional lighting companies with solutions that use LED as a light source.


SinoGuide Material Type Comparison


SinoGuide贝格斯        Bergquist 莱尔德          Laird 富士高分子  Fujipoly道康宁    Dowcorning
TCP110UGap Pad VO Soft

T-flex300GR-C  GR-K     TP1500
TCP150Gappad 1500T-flex200GR-DTP2200         TP2300
TCP200Gappad A2000T-flex502

TCP250Gappad 2500T-flex500GR-B
TCP300Gappad 3000T-flex600GR-lTP3500