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Thermal Conductive Pad

Thermal Conductive Pad

Thermal Conductive Pad is design to be used in the applications that require the minimum amount of pressure on components and high thermal conductivity. SinoGuide's Thermal conductive pad is very conformable, filled silicone rubber material and has 1-8W/mK based on hot disk thermal conductivity grades. It is easy to fill in air gaps between PC board and heat sinks or a metal chassis.

Our unique silicone chemistry ensures high compliance to surface irregularity and good surface wetting property, thus offering very low Thermal Contact Resistance at Thermal Joint, and very efficient heat transfer between hot spots and heat sink.

Our Thermal Gap Pad is highly tacky to most surfaces, so no PSA is required. Optionally, we offer one side non tacky to facilitate application that requires the easy removal of hot side component.

Thermal pad tcp500 is a fiberglass-reinforced filler and polymer featuring a high thermal conductivity. The material yields extremely soft characteristics while maintaining elasticity and conformability. The fiberglass reinforcement provides easy handling and converting, added electrical isolation and tear resistance. The inherent natural tack on both sides assists in application and allows the product to effectively fill air gaps, enhancing the overall thermal performance. The top side has reduced tack for ease of handling.