Thermal Conductive Pad

Thermal Conductive Pad

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Thermal Conductive Pad is design to be used in the applications that require the minimum amount of pressure on components and high thermal conductivity. SinoGuide's Thermal conductive pad is very conformable, filled silicone rubber material and has 1-8W/mK based on hot disk thermal conductivity grades. It is easy to fill in air gaps between PC board and heat sinks or a metal chassis.

The UTP100 Series Thermal Conductive Pad

The UTP100 series thermal conductive pad is made through advanced artificial handling with fiberglass reinforced,which is composed of silicone polymer with ceramic fillers backed thermal conductive pad. The UTP100 is a ultra-soft and exceptional compressive material.It offers excellent thermal performance in close contact with electronic components for effectively lowering the interface thermal resistance. It has natural inherent tack on one side,and works stably at ambient temperature during -40-150 celcius with meeting the requirement of UL94V-0 class.

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