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Cooling silicone pad can avoid the uneven application between the heatsinks and IC chips.  Improve the effectiveness of your heatsink and reduce the operating temperature of your processor, video card, decreasing the chance of premature failure, also serves as electrical insulation and shock absorbers.

Sinoguide TCP Pad Thermal Pad Range

Sinoguide manufactures custom shaped parts to suit your application and parts are available in roll and/or sheet format. The TCP Pad range is offered in a variety of thicknesses. A required thickness of above 0.5mm is considered a gap filling application. Please refer to our TCP-Pad  range of materials or contact us to discuss your requirements.

The UTP100 Series Thermal Conductive Pad

The UTP100 series thermal conductive pad is made through advanced artificial handling with fiberglass reinforced,which is composed of silicone polymer with ceramic fillers backed thermal conductive pad. The UTP100 is a ultra-soft and exceptional compressive material.It offers excellent thermal performance in close contact with electronic components for effectively lowering the interface thermal resistance. It has natural inherent tack on one side,and works stably at ambient temperature during -40-150 celcius with meeting the requirement of UL94V-0 class.

Double-sided Thermal Tapes Thermal Characteristics

Double-sided thermal tapes adhere the heat sink to the device and offer good thermal characteristics. They are easy to apply, require no curing time, can be electrically conductive or isolating, and need no mechanical support to provide thermal or physical contact between the device and the heat sink.

Softer Option for SinoGuide's High-Conductivity Thermal Pad


SinoGuide Thermal is a professional thermal pad factory

SinoGuide Technology is a professional thermal pad factory, advanced equipment, exquisite technology, rich experience, the standardized management of large-scale enterprise. To help you enhance the enterprise / product added value; help you to achieve a greater platform.

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