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The UTP100 Series Thermal Conductive Pad

The UTP100 series thermal conductive pad is made through advanced artificial handling with fiberglass reinforced,which is composed of silicone polymer with ceramic fillers backed thermal conductive pad. The UTP100 is a ultra-soft and exceptional compressive material.It offers excellent thermal performance in close contact with electronic components for effectively lowering the interface thermal resistance. It has natural inherent tack on one side,and works stably at ambient temperature during -40-150 celcius with meeting the requirement of UL94V-0 class.

 Main Features:

  1.  Thermal Conductivity: 1.0W/m.k

  2. Ultra-soft with exceptional compressibility to 50%

  3. Single side in natural inherent tack

  4. Fiberglass reinforced without deforming in die-cut

  5. Excellent electrical isolation


Typcal Applications:


Highly electrical isolated MOSFET
Computer and peripherals
Between heat-generating semiconductors or magnetic components and a heat sink
Area where heat needs to be transferred to a frame,chassis,or other type of heat spreader


UTP Series High Performance Thermal Conductive Interface Materials

The UTP Series products are high-performance and heat-conductive interface materials with the reasonable prices. They can be used in applications where no requirement for electric insulation is specified. The unique grain orientation and plate structure enable these products to adapt to different contact surfaces closely, and thus the maximized heat conduction function is attained.


Optimizing Thermal Performance

Berguist Gap Pad® VO Ultra Soft Gap Filling Material Alternatives UTP100