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GPU CPU Heatsink Cooling Thermal Conductive Silicone Pad

SinoGuide Technology Co.,Ltd. was established in 2007, is a leading Chinese developer and manufacturer of products for Thermal Interface Materials(TIMs), for cooling your electronic devices. 

SinoGuide Technology Co.,Ltd have developed a comprehensive range of choices for thermal interface materials which include thermal grease, thermally conductive gap pad, thermal conductive insulators and phase change materials, which satisfy the requirement of heat dissipation well in an extensive variety of applications, as well as widely applied to electromechanical, automotive, telecom and military industries. 

Thermal Gap Filler Pad is design to be used in the applications that require the minimum amount of pressure on components and high thermal conductivity. SinoGuide Thermal Gap Filler Pad is very conformable, filled silicone rubber material and has 1.7-3.8 w/m-k conductivity grades; it is easy to fill in air gaps between PC board and heat sinks or a metal chassis.


SinoGuide Thermal Gap Filler Pad is naturally tacky, requiring no adhesive coating to inhabit thermal performance. It can also be with specific coating becoming single side tacky to allow easy material handling and installation.

gpu cpu heatsink cooling thermal conductive silicone pad

● High thermal conductivity

● Nature tacky or no sticky on carrier side

● RoHS Compliance

● 211 series offer high hardness for special application.

● 212 series offer low thermal contact resistance with various thermal conductivity

● 218 series offer ultra low stress at over 50% deflection.

●  All products are available on fiber glass carrier with suffix F and single side tacky with suffix A

Thermal Pads Manufacturer in China