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SinoGuide have developed a comprehensive range of choices for thermal interface materials which include thermal grease, thermally conductive gap filler, thermal conductive insulators and phase change materials, which satisfy the requirement of heat dissipation well in an extensive variety of applications, as well as widely applied to electromechanical, automotive, telecom and military industries.

Links to Suppliers of Thermal Management and Thermal Interface Materials Factory

Links to Suppliers of Thermal Management and Thermal Interface Materials Factory

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LIST OF EXHIBITORS of 2016 IEEE International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility

Ottawa, ON Canada – The Shaw Centre

25th – 29th July 2016

The 2016 IEEE International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility, sponsored by the IEEE EMC Society, featuring an embedded Signal Integrity and Power Integrity conference, is the must-attend event for EMC engineers of all levels and specialties.

The IEEE EMC Symposium provides knowledge and tools that help engineers address electromagnetic environmental effects and electromagnetic compatibility. Stay abreast of current technologies, testing and engineering methods.

Event Highlights

• Keynote Speaker
• Embedded SIPI Conference
• Special Focus on Military EMC
• Aerospace EMC Special Session
• Ask the Experts
• Panel Discussions


Why So Many Customers Choose SinoGuide Technology

Why So Many Customers Choose SinoGuide Technology

  1. Small details make big difference. We promise: All the parts from our company have no sh-arp edge.  Every product will be carefully packed to prevent the bump and rust in transit . 

LED Thermal Pads of The SinoGuide TCP Pad Series

Our range of products provides different solutions for the thermal management of LED light components. All of our products are RoHs- and CE-compliant.

Sinoguide TCP Pad Thermal Pad Range

Sinoguide manufactures custom shaped parts to suit your application and parts are available in roll and/or sheet format. The TCP Pad range is offered in a variety of thicknesses. A required thickness of above 0.5mm is considered a gap filling application. Please refer to our TCP-Pad  range of materials or contact us to discuss your requirements.


Thermal interface materials (TIMs) play an important role in the electronics manufacturing industry. Electronic components generate heat. Excess heat needs to be discharged or the life of the electronic device could be drastically shortened. Typically, fans and heat sinks (and heat sink fans) are used to dissipate heat in electronic devices, but as electronics mature, so do the materials used to construct them. Some of these thermal interface materialsinclude:

Set-top Box Application -TIMs

 Set-top Box Application

- Pads applied between PCB and housing to                                               -Application scene: Heat Source (Chips) and Heatsink (Casing)
                                                                                                                      -Applied material: soft and high thermal conductive pads

Application Theory of TIMs

TIMs Application:

Thermal interface materials can be used in a wide range of electronic products ranging from automotive electronics, telecom, consumer, lighting, military, medical, power supplies, wireless, personal computer, LED, LCD TV, motherboard, DRAM memory module, cooler, vehicle control module, notebook computer etc…wherever there is thermal management issues AOK's products can provide a cost-efficient and manufacturing-friendly solution.

Thermal Compounds/Greases

 Alternatively referred to as heat dope, heat sink jelly, heat sink paste, heat sink compound, thermal gunk, and silicon compound, thermal compounds is a sticky paste that is placed directly onto the CPU, allowing for a more direct heat transfer between it and the heat sink. It also prevents air gaps from forming between the CPU and heat sink. The advantage of using a liquid dispensable Gap Filler is the ability to apply the material to very specific areas and at varying thicknesses, thus offering commercial and technical advantages.

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